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Essential Tools

Work comp tools that increase your revenue and decrease your costs.

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Essential Tools

Workers' Comp Is Incredibly Complicated. We Make It Simple.

DaisyBill technology makes Requests for Authorization and Second Review Appeals quick and easy.
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Submit and track Requests for Authorization (RFAs)

Easily manage RFAs with technology designed to simplify the authorization process.

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RFA Form Auto-completed

Sail through your tasks with easy, fast, and auto-completed RFA forms. DaisyBill’s RFA technology pre-populates fields with your practice details, stored RFA language, and other information designated by you.
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RFA Templates

With simple, time-saving templates that you set up for the needs of your practice, RFA submission only takes seconds. Templates let you customize frequently-used RFAs so submission is as easy as clicking a button.
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RFA Response Tracking

RFA tracking automatically alerts you to the exact date and time to expect a utilization review response. No response? No problem. You know which responses are late, so follow-up is a snap.
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Submit and track Second Review Appeals (SBRs)

With a few clicks of a button, quickly and easily manage Second Review Appeals.

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Bill Payment Analysis

DaisyBill analyzes every bill payment to determine whether you receive accurate reimbursement. Simply enter your bill and the reimbursement amount. Click calculate. No spreadsheets or complex calculations required.
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SBR Form Auto-completed

Second Review Appeals increase revenue-- our numbers prove it -- but only if you send them. DaisyBill makes Second Review Appeals easy to submit by auto-completing the SBR form with your predefined appeal information.
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SBR Templates

Appeal templates make generating SBRs painless. In DaisyBill, simply choose from a list of Second Review Appeal templates that you set up for your most common appeal reasons.
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Additional Workers' Comp Tools

We help you manage all of your complex workers’ comp problems.

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Work Comp Wizard

Smart technology designed to make workers’ comp simple. Instant workers’ comp fee schedules, IBR decisions, MPN List, Claims Administrator Directory, Fee Schedule Alerts, Live Chat Help from our workers’ comp experts, and much more.
Products & Features Work Comp Wizard Essential Tools Billing Software
$49/mo $198/mo Contact us
Calculator Seven Fee Schedules
Explanation of Fee Schedule PDF
Current and Historical Reimbursements
Claims Administrator Directory Telephone Numbers
Mailing Addresses
RFA Information
Bill Review Companies
Fee Schedule Alert Monitor Your Codes
Instant Email Alerts
MPN List MPN Names
MPN Websites
MPN Status
IBR Decision Search Advanced Search
IBR Decision PDFs
Updated Daily
Live Chat Help Expert Live Help
Request for Authorization RFA Form Auto-completed
RFA Templates
RFA Response Tracking
Second Review Appeals Bill Payment Analysis
SBR Form Auto-completed
SBR Templates
Electronic Billing Fast Payments
Bill Scrubber
Electronic Delivery
Payment GPS
Second Review Appeals
Smart Task Dashboard
Custom Integration
API Access
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