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How to Get Your Team Ready for DaisyBill


We understand: people don’t always like change.

Getting your staff on board with new technology can be tough, but it’s easier when that technology improves everyone’s workflow. Fortunately, our software fits the bill.

The DaisyBill experience will speak for itself. Ultimately, your team will be glad you switched. But until then, here’s how to get the staff on board.

Make It About Them...

To ease the stress of transition, it’s crucial to show your team that a major improvement to their everyday experience is worth a temporary inconvenience. Focus on the benefits to your employees, not just to the office.

When your staff can easily calculate reimbursements, instantly generate RFAs, bills, and appeals, and know exactly when responses are due from the claims administrators, they won’t just feel relieved.

They’ll feel empowered.

And remember: DaisyBill isn’t just fantastic technology. Our Support Staff is always there to personally help your team through the transition. Remind your staff that we’re only a click away to answer any questions.

Workers’ compensation is a major pain. In explaining the switch to DaisyBill, make it clear that our technology reduces that pain — drastically. Our software is a weapon, one that gives your staff everything they need to manage your office revenue with greater ease and confidence.

...But Be Honest

As someone responsible for the financial health of your office, you’re making the right move by choosing DaisyBill. In preparing your staff, it’s important to be upfront about your own motivations.

You’re choosing DaisyBill because it ensures your office gets paid quickly and correctly, with minimal wasted time and effort. That’s your job.

Generally, people respect leaders who are committed to doing their job well.

Some team members may still dread having to implement a new technology. But even if they’ve yet to understand the benefits, most employees will understand your position, and value your honesty.

Start Onboarding Early

Well before you make the switch, plant the seed.

Engage your more influential team members, the ones respected by other employees on the same level. Talk to these unofficial leaders about the benefits of DaisyBill. Direct them to our blog, webinars, and FAQ page.

Let DaisyBill give your staff a few wins before you sign up. offers plenty of free resources that make life easier for workers’ comp billing professionals. Our Twitter and Facebook feeds offer news, tips, and tricks your team will appreciate.

Once your staff sees what we can offer, they’ll be ready to trust that adopting our technology is a net win for all concerned.

Incentivize & Celebrate

Bringing in a new system takes a little extra work. It may be helpful to add a little extra incentive.

Show your team you appreciate their willingness to do what’s best, offering the perks of your choice for completing DaisyBill training. Reward team members for completing assigned tasks and using DaisyBill to reach new milestones in reduced payment times and increased revenue.

Have fun with it. Show your team that you value their willingness to embrace the new. They’ve earned it!