Our Story

Catherine Montgomery and Sarah Moray founded DaisyBill in 2011, with the belief that one piece of smart technology could make workers’ compensation better for everybody.  Catherine and Sarah had already founded ClarityMBR.com, at that time one of the most visited sites about workers’ comp in California.  

In their years of experience in medical billing, they had first-hand knowledge of exactly how difficult it could be to get paid for treating injured workers.  And in 2011, they saw an opportunity to make the billing process better for doctors, patients, and insurers.

The System

The Difficulty of Workers' Compensation

Medical providers need to navigate an endlessly complex regulatory system if they want to get paid for treating patients hurt on the job.  The workers’ comp system is vastly more complicated and more rule-bound than regular health insurance, and the administrative burden can be crushing for both doctors and insurers.  

Within this landscape, many medical providers are reluctant or completely unwilling to treat injured workers, thereby greatly limiting the access that injured workers have to the quality care they deserve.

Ultimately, injured workers pay the price of this difficult system with their health.

The Idea

A Workers' Compensation System … That Actually Works

With almost 2 decades of combined experience in medical billing and workers’ compensation, Catherine and Sarah experienced the frustration of a broken billing system and the fallout from unpaid bills.

They dreamed of a more functional workers’ comp landscape wherein easily prepared bills moved through claims administration smoothly.  A system where payments were consistent and timely.  And most importantly, a system where injured workers would have increased access to quality care.

The Opportunity

California Mandates that Claims Administrators Accept e-Bills

In 2010, the California Division of Workers’ Compensation announced that claims administrators would be required to accept bills electronically by October 18, 2012.  These e-Billing regulations require more transparency, faster timelines, and greater accountability for everyone involved.  Sarah and Catherine realized that the California mandate was the opportunity they needed to make their workers’ comp dreams a reality.

The Work

Workers’ Compensation Billing, Radically Simplified

In 2011, Sarah and Catherine founded DaisyBill and poured their workers’ comp expertise into DaisyBill’s foundation.  In conjunction with founding developer Ben Liscio, they wrote every line of code around the needs of workers’ compensation professionals.

In July 2012, they launched a pilot program in California.  What started as a system designed to simplify workers’ compensation billing has blossomed into a complete workers’ compensation e-billing management suite.  Every time a new pain point or new complexity arises for our users, DaisyBill’s offerings evolve to meet and overcome them.

The Future

Perfecting the e-Billing Process, Nationwide.

Since e-billing for workers’ compensation is still in it’s infancy, it isn’t perfect.  Yet.  The DaisyBill team is working hard to move e-billing forward in a way that aligns with Catherine and Sarah’s vision for a functional Workers’ Comp system.

With e-billing mandates being implemented around the country, we plan to take what we’re learning in California to help improve workers' compensation around the nation.