At DaisyBill, we come to work every day because we want to solve the problems of workers' compensation billing. The billing process for workers' comp is a mess. Everyone has to jump through too many hoops, and nobody is happy with how it works: not doctors, not insurance companies, not claims administrators, employers, legislators, attorneys...and not injured workers.

We can fix this.

DaisyBill is cloud-based software for providers to electronically submit and manage workers’ compensation medical bills.  Our founders spent decades in the industry and saw just how broken the system had become--and how to make it work. They built a technology solution that makes work comp billing more efficient, more transparent, and just plain better. While DaisyBill makes workers' comp a win-win for all stakeholders, our clients absolutely love us. Bills get paid easily and quickly, and DaisyBillers can finally take control of their difficult work comp billing.



Catherine Montgomery and Sarah Moray founded DaisyBill in 2011, with the belief that smart technology could make workers’ compensation better for everybody. Between them, they had two decades of experience in medical billing and workers’ compensation. They had already founded which, at the time,  was one of the most visited workers' comp sites in California.  

Their years in medical billing gave them first-hand knowledge of exactly how difficult it is to get paid for treating injured workers.  With the changes brought by SB 863, Catherine and Sarah saw an opportunity to make the billing process better for doctors, patients, and insurers. The two friends realized that the new legislation opened the door to a host of systemic benefits, including electronic billing, information transparency, and speedy bill processing. Catherine and Sarah started DaisyBill to bring those benefits to California's workers' compensation community.

The Difficulty of Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation medical billing is an unwieldy compromise of a system that discourages providers, deprives injured workers, frustrates legislators’ best intentions, and presents an irresistible moral hazard to many participants in the system (yes, we used the word “moral”).

Medical providers need to navigate an endlessly complex regulatory system if they want to get paid for treating patients hurt on the job.  The workers’ comp system is vastly more complicated and more rule-bound than regular health insurance, and the administrative burden can be crushing for both doctors and insurers.  

Within this landscape, many medical providers are reluctant or completely unwilling to treat injured workers. Catherine and Sarah saw first-hand how a broken billing system limits injured workers' access to the quality care they deserve.

Workers' Compensation … Can Actually Work

Catherine and Sarah envisioned a more functional workers’ comp system wherein easily prepared bills moved through claims administration smoothly.  A system where payments were consistent and timely.  And most importantly, a system where injured workers have increased access to quality care.

Sarah and Catherine founded DaisyBill and poured their workers’ comp expertise into DaisyBill’s foundation.  In conjunction with founding developer Ben Liscio, they built DaisyBill around the needs of workers’ compensation professionals. What started as a system designed to simplify workers’ compensation billing has blossomed into a complete workers’ compensation billing management suite.  Every time a new pain point or new complexity arises for our users, DaisyBill’s offerings evolve to meet and overcome them.

Meet the DaisyBill Team

Our Co-Founders

DaisyBill CEO Catherine Montgomery

Catherine Montgomery

Catherine uses her deep industry knowledge of medical billing and workers' comp to lead the DaisyBill team. Catherine had been on the front lines of medical billing for over 10 years before founding Clarity Medical Billing Resources with Sarah Moray. Clarity was a free and trusted resource for all parties involved in workers’ compensation. When California's work comp system underwent seismic regulatory changes, Catherine and Sarah started DaisyBill to help providers negotiate the new billing landscape.

Catherine has a B.A. in Economics from Vanderbilt University.

DaisyBill Co-Founder Sarah Moray

Sarah Moray

Sarah's broad experience in workers' compensation and medical billing spans over 10 years, ranging from ground level experience in medical practices, to consulting, to co-founding both ClarityMBR and DaisyBill.  Sarah is our go-to expert on all matters relating to workers' compensation billing -- ask her anything and chances are she can write a book on it!  At DaisyBill, Sarah is also our evangelist-in-chief, spreading the good word about DaisyBill. She's awesome at showing providers how DaisyBill turns an apparently losing proposition (getting paid for treating injured workers) into a much easier, more transparent, and actually profitable part of a medical practice.

Sarah has a B.A. in Communication from U.C. Santa Barbara and has a passion for cooking, travel, and river rafting.


Ben Liscio

Ben Liscio

Bio coming at some point!

Developer Corey Leveen

Corey Leveen


Factotum Department

DaisyBill Jenny Liu

Jenny Liu

Jenny has 16 years experience in marketing, customer development, and using her powerful skills of persuasion for good. Jenny practiced corporate law for several years before working with startups and new ventures, both in-house and as a consultant.

Jenny has a B.S. in Linguistics and Psychology from U.C. Berkeley, an M.A. in Art History from NYU, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. When not thinking about DaisyBill, she's binge-watching HBO series while pretending to embroider, knit, draw, or weave.

DaisyBill Danielle Danetra

Danielle Danetra

Danielle is DaisyBill's Director of Sales and New Business. She has over eight years of medical practice experience and has worked nearly every position, from A-Z, in a medical practice. Danielle's priority and passion is customer satisfaction and she loves speaking to clients about their experiences and needs.  

She holds a B.A. in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is finishing an M.A. in Emergency Management from California State University, Long Beach. On weekends you can find her doing obstacle runs and cooking.

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