An ANSI 837 makes it easy to import bills from your current revenue cycle management (RCM) system to daisyBill. This means you get all the benefits of daisyBill, with no manual billing data entry.

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What is ANSI 837?

An ANSI 837 file is a standardized electronic data set that contains bill information. You can think of an ANSI 837 file as an electronic file that replaces a mailed paper bill form. ANSI 837 files are broken down into loops, segments, and elements.

All billing software that submits electronic bills to group health or Medicare can generate a standard ANSI 837 file. The specific data set included in an ANSI 837 file can vary depending on the revenue cycle management software.

How it works in daisyBill

Your ANSI 837 data files are uploaded either to daisyBill’s SFTP server or directly into daisyBill.

daisyBill uses the data from your ANSI 837 files to import patient, injury and bill information into daisyBill. Each loop, segment, and element in the ANSI 837 file contains specific information which is mapped to the appropriate daisyBill field. daisyBill scrubs this imported data for compliance and automatically assigns tasks if corrections are required. Import your ANSI 837 into daisyBill, then sit back and wait for your super fast payments to roll in.

Specialized mapping for your ANSI 837 files

The billing requirements for workers’ comp bills differ from the billing requirements for group health and Medicare.

Often the ANSI 837 file generated from a revenue cycle management software is not correctly formatted to meet the workers’ comp requirements. In order to adhere to the workers’ comp billing requirements, daisyBill can correctly map your ANSI 837 file.

Documents: Automated Bill Matching

Upload supporting documents in PDF format to daisyBill’s SFTP server. Once uploaded, the documents will automatically attach to the correct bills in your account.

Uploaded documents are assigned a filename that allows daisyBill to match the document to the correct bill.

Automated Bill Matching is designed to work with the daisyBill ANSI 837 Bill Import. This automated feature eliminates the manual management of supporting documents, saving your staff hours of work.