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Get paid much faster, make more money, save on billing costs.

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Billing Software

Workers' Comp Billing is Incredibly Complicated

We make it Simple

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Receive payments in days with less hassle

You won’t believe how quick and easy workers' comp can be.

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Fast Payments

Electronic billing means you receive payment in an average of 19 days (and in as little as 5 days). See how fast each claims administartor pays by viewing DaisyBill's average days to payment data.
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Bill Scrubber

Special workers’ comp technology scrubs every bill prior to submitting. No need to learn complicated workers’ comp rules--our technology alerts you when the rules change.
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Electronic Delivery

Reliable electronic billing delivers every bill directly to the claims administrator. Guaranteed delivery means fewer calls for missing bills and lost supporting documents.
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Spend less time and make more money

DaisyBill streamlines workers' comp billing, increasing your revenue while decreasing your costs.

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Payment GPS

We automatically track every bill so you instantly know where it is in the payment cycle. With verifiable proof of bill receipt at your fingertips, DaisyBill reduces guesswork and calls to claims administrators.
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Request for Second Review (SBR)

Immediately dispute and appeal incorrect payments with automatic Second Review appeals that DaisyBill sends and tracks electronically.. Make sure you receive the reimbursement you are owed.
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Smart Task Dashboard

DaisyBill tells you what to do and when you should do it. No more uncertainty about the next steps required to receive the correct payment. The Smart Task Dashboard replaces spreadsheets with organized, friendly staff reminders.
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Additional Workers' Comp Tools

We help you manage all of your complex workers’ comp problems.

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Request for Authorization (RFA)

Easily submit and track all of your Requests for Authorizations with simple templates that you set up for your practice. Authorizations take seconds not hours. Internal tracking alerts you to the precise date a response is due back, making follow-up a snap.
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Work Comp Wizard

Smart technology designed to make workers’ comp simple. Instant workers’ comp fee schedules, IBR decisions, MPN List, Claims Administrator Directory, Fee Schedule Alerts, Live Chat Help from our workers’ comp experts, and much more.

Our Subscription Plans

Products & Features Work Comp Wizard Essential Tools Billing Software
$49/mo $198/mo Contact us
Calculator Six Fee Schedules
Explanation of Fee Schedule PDF
Current and Historical Reimbursements
Claims Administrator Directory Telephone Numbers
Mailing Addresses
RFA Information
Bill Review Companies
Fee Schedule Alert Monitor Your Codes
Instant Email Alerts
MPN List MPN Names
MPN Websites
MPN Status
IBR Decision Search Advanced Search
IBR Decision PDFs
Updated Daily
Live Chat Help Expert Live Help
Request for Authorization RFA Form Auto-completed
RFA Templates
RFA Response Tracking
Second Review Appeals Bill Payment Analysis
SBR Form Auto-completed
SBR Templates
Electronic Billing Fast Payments
Bill Scrubber
Electronic Delivery
Payment GPS
Request for Second Review (SBR)
Smart Task Dashboard
Custom Integration
API Access

See what our clients say about DaisyBill

They respond to questions almost faster than we can ask them! We’re extremely happy with DaisyBill as a billing agent. Ebilling has cut down on our payment timelines by weeks in many cases and the clear documentation DaisyBill keeps for each bill sent has reduced a lot of hassle for our collections team.
Julie C., third party billing service
Moving from a paper system to DaisyBill is like going from the stone age to the space age. Our collections are up 80%, and payments now roll in within weeks as opposed to months. We know when checks have been paid and don’t waste time on the phone, checking status. If you have a CA Work Comp medical practice, the single most effective revenue tool is DaisyBill. Thank you DaisyBill!
John A., MD, impairment rating specialist
DaisyBill has become our complete and comprehensive solution to CA Workers Compensation Billing. It prepares you on a daily basis on how to begin and end your day; and you’re efficient in what you do… its accuracy, monitoring tool with Task list, SBR and ultimately the joy of reimbursements makes our day very fulfilling.
Y.O., third party billing service
I was able to get online with DaisyBill in June 2013 and have not looked back. I am amazed how quickly my claims are paid. In fact, for most of the patients that we see on a monthly basis, the claim is already paid from the previous month.
Chris C., orthopedic surgery service
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