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Workers’ Comp Billing Software

Workers’ Comp Billing Problem #1
Without dedicated technology, electronic billing usually means many bills are mailed to payers and often the medical reports never make it to payers.
Workers’ Comp Billing Problem #2
Workers’ comp reimbursement drags down your accounts receivables because of these traditionally slow payments.

DaisyBill Solution

Electronic Billing that Works

DaisyBill e-billing technology directly connects with every payer which means bills are never mailed. Verified e-billing that works means faster payments. Look how fast these payers return payments to our clients. For more blazing fast payment statistics click here.
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Billing Transparency

Billing Transparency

Automated Billing Workflow

DaisyBill workers’ comp technology provides a workflow solution that makes it easy for your team to systematically manage bill submission and payer responses. No more uncertainty about the next steps in a workers’ comp bill payment cycle.

Billing Transparency

DaisyBill Task Dashboard

The DaisyBill Task Dashboard alerts your entire team of what needs to be done to receive correct reimbursements. The Dashboard replaces spreadsheets and sticky notes with an organized, automated overview of the state of your workers’ comp billing and makes it easy to quickly identify payment challenges.

Billing Transparency

Informative Billing Statistics

When you log into DaisyBill, important payer metrics are displayed for your practice, including average days to pay for each payor, and the amount collected in appeals from each payor.

Billing Transparency

Verified Bill Delivery

DaisyBill provides a comprehensive Bill History that documents all actions and notes for each bill, including an electronic receipt verifying the payer received both your bill and attached supporting medical records.

Billing Transparency

Customized Reports

DaisyBill provides actionable analytics to help your team know what’s working, and what’s not. Instantly generate custom reports on the fly, broken down by provider, patient, procedure, claims administrator, etc. Report on the information that impacts your workers’ comp business.

Compliant and Complete Bill Submission

Compliant and Complete Bill Submission

Clean Bills

DaisyBill workers’ comp technology scrubs every bill and alerts you to any errors prior to submitting the bill. Complete and compliant bills are always sent from DaisyBill which eliminates denials due to clerical errors.

Compliant and Complete Bill Submission

Instant Appeals

Immediately dispute incorrect payments with easy and automatic appeals. DaisyBill electronically sends and tracks appeals to make sure you receive the reimbursement you are owed.

Compliant and Complete Bill Submission

Claims Administrator Directory

DaisyBill researches and provides your team useful (and occasionally hard-to-find) contact information for payors. Information at your fingertips includes:

  • Telephone numbers and hours of operation

  • Bill Review companies

  • Claim number patterns assigned to injuries

Compliant and Complete Bill Submission

Expert Help

Every business day, the DaisyBill expert team is available to answer live chat questions--think of us as an extension of your team. We help you manage and understand the confusing rules and regulations that govern workers’ comp.



DaisyBill pricing is simple. Each time you click to send a bill you are charged a small transaction fee to send both your bill and all the supporting documents.

  • No hidden fees

  • No contract

Just a $300 monthly minimum and the fastest bill payments you’ve ever seen, guaranteed.

Your practice can immediately start using DaisyBill’s cloud-based software. Start sending electronic bills now, receive payments within days.