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Billing Software

Smart technology designed to make workers' comp simple.


Electronic Delivery

DaisyBill has direct electronic access to every one of the thousands of workers’ comp payors, which means every bill is reliably delivered straight to the claims administrator.
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One-Click Integration

Integrate with DaisyBill. Our platform delivers the most robust, full-service data integration solutions on the market. We offer dynamic integration options that can adapt to your organization's unique needs, including:
  • ANSI 837 Import
  • API
  • CSV File Import
  • Attachment Import
  • Customized Integration
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    Bill Types

    DaisyBill accurately calculates reimbursements for a wide array of workers’ compensation services, per the appropriate fee schedules. Let us worry about complicated billing rules, edits, updates, and fee-affecting modifiers. Our software generates complete, compliant bills for:
  • Physician and Non-Physician Services
  • Hospital Outpatient Department and Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Services
  • Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS)
  • Pathology and Clinical Laboratory
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Medical-Legal Services
  • Interpreter Services
  • Copy Services
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    Workers' Comp Reporting

    Use DaisyBill’s actionable analytics to discover what’s working, and what’s not. Instantly generate reports on the fly, broken down by provider, patient, procedure, claims administrator, etc. Report on the information that impacts your workers’ comp business.

    Automated Tasks

    DaisyBill tells you what to do and when you should do it. No more uncertainty about the next steps required to receive the correct payment. The Smart Task Dashboard replaces spreadsheets and stickies with organized, automated, and friendly staff reminders.
    Illustration automated tasks

    Clean Claims

    Special workers’ comp technology scrubs every bill before submission. No need to learn and stay current on complicated workers' comp rules. Our technology alerts you to:
  • Invalid or expired procedure codes
  • National Correct Coding Initiative Edits
  • Multiple Procedure Payment Reductions
  • Workers’ comp-specific codes
  • Illustration clean claims

    Verified Bill Delivery

    We automatically track every bill, so you instantly know where it is in the payment cycle. With verifiable proof of bill receipt at your fingertips, DaisyBill reduces guesswork and endless calls to payors searching for bills.
    Verfied bill delivery

    Instant Appeals

    Immediately dispute incorrect payments with easy and automatic appeals. DaisyBill electronically sends and tracks appeals to make sure you receive the reimbursement you are owed.
    Screenshot appeal

    Expert Live Help

    DaisyBill’s team of experts is on hand to answer questions via live chat--think of us as an incredibly knowledgeable extension of your team. We help you manage and understand the confusing rules for every step in the workers’ comp payment process.
    Expert live help

    California Tools


    Second Review Appeal

    With DaisyBill’s SBR engine, Second Review Appeals are simple and quick. Just choose from a list of your customized appeal templates and our auto-fill feature completes the SBR form with your predefined appeal information.


    Request for Authorization (RFA)

    Easily submit and track all of your Requests for Authorization. RFAs take seconds, not hours, with handy templates set up for your practice. Automatic tracking alerts you when a response is due back, making follow-up a snap.


    Work Comp Wizard

    Smart technology tools to make workers’ comp simple: Instant workers’ comp fee schedule calculations, customized Fee Schedule Alerts, searchable IBR decisions, searchable MPN List, Claims Administrator Directory, Live Chat Help from our workers’ comp experts, and much more.


    Billing Software Features

    Billing Electronic Delivery
    Clean Claims
    Verified Bill Delivery
    Workers' Comp Reporting
    Automatic Tasks Smart Task Dashboard
    Task Reporting
    Granular Task Preferences
    Instant Appeals Bill Payment Analysis
    Appeal Form Auto-completed
    Appeal Templates
    Seamless Integration JSON API
    Flat file (CSV or Excel)
    Attachment Import
    837 Integration
    Live Chat Help Expert Live Help

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