Workers' Compensation Is Broken

Treating injured workers is often financially unsustainable for providers. Obtaining prompt, accurate reimbursement requires extraordinary time and resources. As a result, providers are fleeing the system, leaving patients fewer and fewer places to turn for care.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Restoring injured workers to health can be a sound investment. The right technology can make it happen — so we built it.

Our Story​ 

daisyBill was founded in 2011. With decades of experience in medical billing and workers’ comp, cofounders Catherine Montgomery and Sarah Moray had first-hand knowledge of how difficult it can be for providers to obtain timely, correct payment.

When a new law in California allowed providers to bill electronically, Catherine and Sarah saw an opportunity to reimagine reimbursement, using technology to improve the equation.

daisyBill was born.

The Problem With Workers' Comp

Currently, workers’ comp billing discourages providers, limits access to care, frustrates legislators’ best intentions, and creates opportunities for abuse.

More complex than Medicare or group health, workers’ comp billing requires unreasonable amounts of practice resources to navigate. Convoluted rules, logistical hurdles, and extensive regulatory requirements make securing revenue for workers’ comp treatment a unique challenge.

Worse, some claims administrators actively take advantage of the system’s shortcomings to undermine state fee schedules and further drain provider revenue.

The result: many providers conclude that workers’ comp is a losing proposition.

The Answer

daisyBill is creating a more functional workers’ comp system, made possible by technology and specialized expertise.

We believe that authorization, billing, payment, and appeals should be incidental to treatment — not the primary work.

With founding developer and CTO Ben Liscio, Catherine and Sarah created software that automates authorization, calculates correct reimbursement, streamlines appeals, and helps hold claims administrators accountable.

With thousands of clients sending millions of e-bills annually, daisyBill is making workers' comp work better for providers and injured workers.

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Our Distributed Team

Founded in 2011, DaisyBill operates as a fully-remote company with team members in New York, California, and other states.