Experts to Manage Your Workers’ Comp Billing.

Managed Work Comp Billing

Workers’ Comp Problem #1

Getting paid for treating injured workers requires a specialized billing partner that understands the complexities of the ever-changing workers’ comp rules and regulations.

DaisyCollect Solution

Expert Partner

Workers’ comp is the sole mission of DaisyCollect. Our team of workers’ comp experts partners with you to make your workers’ comp practice profitable. As your partner, our sole imperative is to increase your workers’ comp revenue.

Workers’ Comp Problem #2

Workers’ comp revenue data is ambiguous, perplexing, inexplicable, nebulous and muddy. It is impossible to extract key performance indicators (KPIs) from existing revenue cycle technologies which are designed for billing Medicare and group health.

DaisyCollect Solution

DaisyCollect Solution - Specialized Workers’ Comp Technology

DaisyCollect uses the specialized DaisyBill workers’ comp billing technology which provides relevant workers’ comp KPIs about your workers’ comp practice. The combination of our technology and our team of DaisyCollect experts guarantees that your workers’ comp revenue will increase and your accounts receivables will decrease.

Expert Partner & Specialized Technology

Expert Partner & Specialized Technology

Quick & Accurate Payments

Every bill is sent electronically which means your bills are paid faster. Our expert team reviews every payment and appeals every incorrect reimbursement. No dollar is left behind.

Expert Partner & Specialized Technology

Monthly Reporting

DaisyCollect provides actionable analytics to help you make informed practice decisions, including your monthly revenue from appealing incorrect reimbursements, problematic documentation, and coding, and so much more.

Expert Partner & Specialized Technology

Big Data

Join the DaisyCommunity and benefit from our big workers’ comp data. Annually our technology processes millions of workers’ comp bills and we know payment patterns and trends first. With DaisyCollect we protect your revenue by keeping you informed.

Expert Partner & Specialized Technology

Advocates on Your Side

Workers’ comp is our only mission and we constantly advocate for you by communicating directly with the payer community and government representatives.

Expert Partner & Specialized Technology

Expert Advice

DaisyCollect’s team of workers’ comp experts answer all of your billing questions via live chat. Think of our team as an incredibly knowledgeable extension of your team.


Pricing - Start Immediately

Our pricing is unique and starts as low as 5%. DaisyCollect bases our fee on both the work we do and the amount we collect on our client’s behalf.

When claims administrators compliantly process workers’ comp bills, DaisyBill substantially reduces its collection fee because compliant bill payments require considerably less labor.