State Fee Schedule Software

    Instant, accurate fee schedule calculations (and more)

  • Fee Schedule Calculator

    Instant fee schedule reimbursements for California workers’ comp. No spreadsheets. No math. No sweat.

    • Seven Fee Schedules

    • Explanation of Fee Schedule PDF

    • Current and Historical Reimbursements

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  • Fee Schedule Alert

    Stay right on top of changes to the fee schedule, with automatic email alerts about your most frequently used billing codes. Simply register your chosen codes, and you’ll never miss a change that affects your practice.

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  • Claims Administrator Directory

    Useful (and occasionally hard-to-find) contact information for California claims administrators.  Updated information at your fingertips include:

    • Telephone Numbers

    • Bill Review Companies

    • Authorization Information

    • Mailing Address

    • Claim Number Pattern

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  • MPN List

    Our searchable directory of approved Medical Provider Networks. Stop struggling to untangle the MPN chaos! Our searchable list of approved MPNs gives you fast access to the information you need.

    • MPN Names

    • MPN Websites

    • MPN Approval Status

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  • Drug Formulary

    Adhere to the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule with a searchable directory of exempt and nonexempt pharmaceuticals. Search the MTUS formulary by drug name, and use custom filters to quickly find the results you’re looking for.

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  • IBR Decision Search

    A convenient search tool, updated daily. Look for past IBR decisions, references, and regulatory language to help you prevail against incorrect denials and adjustments. Get the facts and precedents you need to make your case.

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  • Help and Live Support

    Get expert advice and support from our experienced team of workers’ comp billing and payment pros. Reach out for accurate, in-depth knowledge via live chat during business hours. We’re here to help!

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