Workers' Comp State Fee Schedule Software

    Instant, accurate fee schedule calculations (and more)

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    Fee Schedule Calculator

    Instant fee schedule reimbursements for New York State workers’ comp. No spreadsheets. No math. No sweat.

    • Four Fee Schedules

    • Explanation of Fee Schedule PDF

    • Current and Historical Reimbursements

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    Claims Administrator Directory

    Useful (and occasionally hard-to-find) contact information for New York State claims administrators. Updated information at your fingertips include:

    • Telephone Numbers

    • Bill Review Companies

    • Authorization Information

    • Mailing Address

    • Claim Number Pattern

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    Help and Live Support

    Get expert advice and support from our experienced team of workers’ comp billing and payment pros. Reach out for accurate, in-depth knowledge via live chat during business hours. We’re here to help!

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