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#49 - CPT Codes 99358 and 99359 - Non-Face-to-Face Service

Recorded on 3/28/2017
59 minutes

Here’s a simple fact: Some patients require additional non-face-to-face care, and their providers deserve to be paid for that care. Medicare now acknowledges this. The introduction of CPTs 99358 and 99359 as reimbursable codes on March 1, 2017, creates an opportunity for reimbursement for the additional work required for workers' comp patients.

In this webinar, we cover how to use these CPT codes for record review and other non-face-to-face services:

  • 99358 – Prolonged evaluation and management service before and/or after direct patient care; first hour
  • 99359 (add-on code) – Each additional 30 minutes (List separately in addition to code 99358 for prolonged service)
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    99358 & 99359 Resource Notebook