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Michigan Department of Labor and Regulatory Affairs

Michigan E-Billing


Michigan Self Insurers Association

In 1951 representatives of several Michigan businesses recognized the need to advise, educate, and provide a forum for workers’ compensation issues for the business community in Michigan. Business representatives also appreciated the need to preserve and protect the privilege of self-insurance. And, the business community recognized the need to educate public officials about business’ perspective on Michigan workers’ compensation laws. Finally, the business community felt the need to address effective ways to ensure a safe working environment. To accomplish these goals, the representatives of several Michigan businesses formed the Michigan Self-Insurers’ Association, which formally came into existence in May 1952 and became a member of the National Council of Self-Insurers. Since that time through the present, the MSIA has been on the cutting edge of workers’ compensation issues. Throughout our history, we have actively pursued and offered technical assistance in administering workers’ compensation.

Michigan State Medical Society

When physicians join MSMS, they are making a strong statement about leadership for physicians and advocacy for patients. They understand that when policymakers consider issues affecting medical practice and patients, they want MSMS leadership at the table. MSMS is the physician's voice, the physician's strength and the profession's best advocate during medicine's most turbulent times. Currently MSMS is at the forefront of a new passage in Michigan health care. Health care is at a crossroads--the status quo threatens everyone, including patients, payers and physicians. We know things need to change. We seek a more cohesive system down the road, and we are defining how to get there.

Mid-America Orthopaedic Association

The mission of the Mid-America Orthopaedic Association is to serve its members through outstanding educational and fellowship opportunities and to provide value-added services, at the annual meeting and throughout the year.