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Oregon E-Billing

Oregon Workers' Compensation Division


Oregon Medical Association

The Oregon Medical Association's mission is serving and supporting physicians in their efforts to improve the health of Oregonians, with the vision of a healthy Oregon cared for by a vibrant medical profession.

Oregon Workers Compensation Association

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Association (OWCA) is Oregon’s proven leader in workers’ compensation policy, with more than three decades of experience in shaping the best workers’ compensation system in the nation. Originally founded as the Oregon Self-Insurers Association (OSIA), OWCA recently expanded to bring together stakeholders from across the workers’ compensation system, including self-insured employers, third-party-insured employers, and insurance providers. This expansion is a result of rising costs that affect all employers, whether self-insured or insured by a third-party provider. OWCA believes that broader membership will strengthen our collective voice.