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Mid-America Orthopaedic Association

The mission of the Mid-America Orthopaedic Association is to serve its members through outstanding educational and fellowship opportunities and to provide value-added services, at the annual meeting and throughout the year.

Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association

Through communication, education, professional development, advocacy and legislative involvement, the Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association supports and encourages the provision and availability of quality occupational therapy services to enhance the occupational performance of consumers in Tennessee. The Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association’s member participation, promotion of occupational therapy, and provision of professional development designed to enhance occupational performance among consumers will be a model for state occupational therapy associations.

Tennessee Medical Association

The Tennessee Medical Association is the state’s largest professional association for physicians. We improve the health of Tennessee by bringing all physicians together in efforts to continually improve effectiveness of physician care and ensure proper policy to serve the best interests of patients and the profession. Open to all medical doctors or doctors of osteopathy licensed to practice in Tennessee, TMA serves 9,000 members who also participate in local, regional and specialty medical societies throughout the state.