New Telehealth Rules for Medicare and California Workers’ Comp

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May 27, 2020 60 min
Hosted By: Sarah Moray
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Telehealth rules for both Medicare and CA workers’ comp have changed again, and this time providers really benefit. Expansion of audio-only services and major reimbursement increases are just the beginning.For California workers’ comp, these changes apply retroactively to dates of service on or after 3/1/2020. Providers who have already submitted bills for affected dates could be owed hundreds of additional dollars per bill.

This webinar will comprehensively cover these important changes:

  • Place of Service code reporting
  • Affected Dates of Service
  • Increased reimbursement for audio-only CPT codes
  • CMS’ updated list of covered telehealth services
  • Telehealth appeal instructions, for those bills submitted for Dates of Service affected by the retroactive aspect of the DWC order
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