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Claims Administrator Directory

Useful (and occasionally hard-to-find) contact information for California Claims Administrators.
Updated information at your fingertips.

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Telephone Numbers

Instantly access the correct number to call when you need to contact a claims administrator. The directory tracks and updates critical contact information for the hundreds of California claims administrators.

Mailing Addresses

Includes California bill mailing addresses for claims administrators. If you’re still mailing bills, use the bill mailing address directory to get your bills to the claims administrator’s correct address.

RFA Information

Immediately know where to send your Requests for Authorization for each claims administrator. The directory lets you know whether to use a main RFA fax number or to fax the RFA directly to the adjuster.

Bill Review Companies

Need to know the status of a bill payment? For each claims administrator, the Directory shows the relevant bill review company and the bill review phone numbers.

Claim Number Pattern

Includes California bill mailing addresses for claims administrators. If you're still mailing bills, use the bill mailing address directory to get your bills to the claims administrator's correct address.
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